Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nice Hair HUH

Ok so i like Beyonce's hair in her
new Ego video.
Some people have alot to say
about how its
obvious that she has a weave and
her hair texture clearly
doesnt match that
of the weave lol.

Honestly if we gona talk about it
lets talk about it.
Beyonce's hair is way better, wait
ALWAYS way better than the next chick u see anywhere.
Especially on the street!

She has and most likely will always shut these chicks down
when it comes to appearance.
She is making to much money to not
have the wig in tact lol.

I mean you think what you want,
but before talkin to me about it
show me someone doing better ok???THANX

Check out the EGO video
further down on this page.


[dressed] said...

I love the hair in the first picture on the left! Weave flying to the heavens haaayyy Lols.

Theodore said...

This bitch shalt not be fucked with

نوح said...

Lol. =D