Sunday, August 30, 2009

True Blood

My best friend got me into watching this show
and thank you very much i love it.
It about vampires and all other sorts of supernatural
beings living in a small southern town.
Of course much much much drama lol.

sadly enough it is coming down to the ending episodes
and I'm a little mad about that.
I want it to stay on forever.

Anyway its an HBO original series so get into it on Demand!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Keep Em Coming!

Yigal Azrouel!!! Beautiful Designs From Beautiful Places

Im always searching for new designers and new looks.
I stumbled upon this designer in a VMAN magazine
about a month ago and boy oh boy can i see myself wearing
alot of his pieces!!

He is from Tel Aviv, Israel, which means Spring in Hebrew!
Such a beautiful place!

Check out his designs, im sure we will see more of him
sooner than soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Cataracs

I always have an ear our for new music and im sooo feeling these guys.

May not be new to others but definitely brand new to my ears and im kinda hype about em.

Google em, youtube em, and all that check out their video to Club Love!

Im Sorry Song!

Chris I love this song whether its an apology or not.
I feel your music and love the presentation.
Keep it coming you still have fans out here!

Wayne Brady! Hit or Miss?

Honestly i believe he has a great voice so ill go get
the album.

as far as this video: ummm its giving me movie soundtrack flow.

Judge for yourselves folks.

Wayne Brady is Back!

Just Dont Go See It!

This movie was the worst

nuff said....

I Can Do Without It!

Well Cassie im officially over this hair style. Yes you can wear your hair as you want
but as a viewer i think i see it more than you.
I should have a say so lol, please just change it up please.

It has its moments when its nice and different but
those moments are few.
lets move on and let it go ok??

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wendy Williams interviews an angry Whitney Houston!

I did not have the chance to hear this interview when it went down in 2003. So many people had told me about it and how Whitney was going off on Wendy. I found it crazy because Wendy gives Whitney a shout out on every one of her shows. But I guess that's just the shade lol.
Please take a listen, this interview is legendary lol.
(it has 3 parts)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Labels For Work!

Dries Van Noten

Dolce & Gabbana

Louis Vuitton


Ralph Lauren

Bottega Veneta


The major designers give us guys a fashionable wardrobe on our way back to work in the fall! I have to say these selections might have me emptying my pockets within the next month or two.

Welcome Back

I was a Die Hard Whitney Houston fan growing up. My Grandmother would only play her in the car for the entire 90's decade lol. Her beauty and outstanding voice just made me melt.
But when she bounced for the entertainment to the drug abuse I totally left my Whitney Fan Banner on the floor.
Not that I'm judging her or anything, she just changed so much and as a young person sometimes its hard to understand those things.
Even now as a grown man I often find it hard to cope with change as do many others, but i do believe in it and i believe in comebacks.
I don't know whats going on in Whitney's life now but I am totally excited for her new album "I Look TO YOU" coming out on August 31st 2009. I wish her the best for that's who she once was to me: The Best!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding + Photography = LOVE

I a sucker for good photography. I believe you can make any occasion look absolutely breathe taking if you have the right moments captured. A plus would also be if the photographer was a genius!

This year i have heard so much about marriage and weddings. I actually ran up on some great shots of newly wed couples. If your thinking about tying the knot with someone I say go for it. The thought alone shows how much faith you have in this person and what you share.

Its Beautiful!

New Chris Brown!!!


I think this is a hilarious concept for a documentary lol. Of course leave it to someone like Chris Rock to Come up with it. I kinda believe the same things that are being said in this trailor. Growing up if your hair wasnt long straight full and pleasing to the eye, that meant it was bad hair. As racist as it sounds the only people we thought had good hair in the hood was the spanish folk or the mixed folks. If you were full blow black (lol) then you had some nappy, peezzy. dark nasty hair. smh.
But now the thing is to get what ever you can to enhance the look of your hair. Women get weaves and wigs like they buy jeans, skirts and shoes. Honestly i appreciate it. I dont wana see anymore baldhead scally wages on the street anymore. There are to many places to buy hair and get your hair done to look a mess. Guys have it a bit easier. Just get a good hair cut. Braids? i think that era is kinda over guys with the corn rolls and stuff but if you got em, keep em neat please. Ive been seeing alot of Mohawks and designs on the guys, pretty cool.

anyways check out the trailor for Chris' new movie GOOD HAIR!

Nice Video

I Love This Song. The video is pretty cool. Obviously not the highest budget used to make it, but kudos on the effort.
Jazmine will be performing in central park this Sunday at 3 pm along with Chrisette Michelle and Jon B. Be sure to be there and enjoy the good music.