Monday, July 28, 2008

And All That Jazz!

Jazmine Sullivan has been gracing my ear drums for many years now and as bad as i wanted her to make it big it seemed as though my dreams were just dreams. Until NOW!!!!. Jazmine has posted that she is now signed to J Records and has a slammin hot new joint out "I Need You Bad". heres some info on this jazzy new artist from her myspace page:

"Championed by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliott, Faith Evans, and (fellow Philadelphians) Kindred among others, the statuesque and beautiful Jazmine is all at once smart, sassy, insightful, down to earth and very real. As the primary songwriter on Fearless, Jazmine brings her own experiences and observations on life and love with vivid storytelling imagery to her songs. Producers include Salaam Remi, Dirty Harry, Jack Splash, Stargate and Missy Elliott who – with Lamb - produced the first infectious single, “Need U Bad.” Says Jazmine, “I wasn’t familiar with reggae but Missy said ‘Let’s try this out!’ So I wrote to the track as soon as I heard it and then Missy brought in Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa to do the chant.” The resulting track became a newfound hit at radio and quickly established Jazmine as a fresh voice for the summer music scene and beyond."

Her new video shows thatshe is not only vocally talented but has vibrance and beauty. so Jazmine do ya thing im a fan.

check out her

Friday, July 25, 2008


I Love This Woman!! So we definitely have to get her to visit the site! Many black women come across very angry, tempermental, aggrevated, ghetto, whatever the word maybe. Especailly when something they don't like is presented. Althought some have the right to feel this way, they often leave an impression of arrogance. Now there is one out of the bunch that I have to say, she does it with a good level of class. Wendy Williams asks the right questions and usually gets it "poppin" when needed. Yea I know some people feel like she says too much or may go to far, but that who she is and to be honest you know you listen to everything she says. As offensive as the crowd may say she is, homegirl is blowing up the tv and radio network. I feel such a connection with this broadcast queen, she airs out all the celeb's dirt clothes publicly because we are to scared and do it in the dark. She is bringing a level of humility to the world. People are definitely getting suck in this perfect world created by the entertainment industry. What makes these people human? The stuff that we don't know about! The issues, freakiness, sex explorations, secret lives....etc. She lets it out lol. The shade iz wendy...What's the 411 on you ma...born a man or woman? But anyway wendy had a recent show with a very disrespectful female guest. An example of exactly how two black women can be totally different in their presentations. Wendy held her class, but you be the judge. I love her movement....stay tuned I'm sure ill get intouch with her...until then..heeeeeey Wendy!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nothing Butt The Truth

So this one is a real backslapper! So now there is talk of a law being passed about the way people wear their pants. As far as how low some young urban chaps may let their baggy jeans sag. You know that SWAGGA!! LOL....sorry, but its just amazing how the Land Of The Free has manifest itself as the Place to be Controlled! Its very understandable, that many may not be pleased at the sight of a young backside clothed only with decrative boxers and over-sized denim below. Although it is a free country to dress as you please, there are many fellows walking around with their pants pulled UP way TOOOO HIGH!! Seriously I personally don't like seeing male camel toe, but no one is screaming rape at that! Lets be real if we start changing these simple things such as individuality for whoever has a problem, what's next? They'll be trying to change everyones skin color soon (wink). I say... stop trying to make people, let them be people and then the problem won't be people. Some FREE life this is..... The Shade Iz....I've been PAYING sooo much since the day I got here... Leave them pants down if you want...BE WHO YOU ONLY CAN BE.....YOU!!!!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Late Boots

I'm a born and raised New Yorker, and I have observed a lot of on going issues involving this city. Outside of the disreguardable trash in the streets and the once in every two day police shooting. There is something that blows mines to the top. WHY THE HELL ARE THESE TRAINS ALWAYS LATE?!?!? So ok we deal with the bumbs and no air conditioning, but why do we have to wait 30 mins to meet them on a late train? Honestly there should be a reinbersment of some sort. Yet there is a rise in the price of tolls. How many times has the MTA giving you a lateness pass to work or messed up your whole day? Maybe one day we will boycott and make a difference. The shade iz who can blame the people trying to leave bombs on the train? We are all tired. But it is what it is (bad grammar) Now Pay It.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

the shade iz...

With so much going on in this "NEW" day and age, nothing really spectacular has really made the crowd go wild. From new music artists and sudden harsh fashion disease, all the way down to politics (last on my happy list), there seems to be more excitement in my grandmother's bedroom! As a result of being subjected to this entertainment plague, here is some shade to the light. Soooo this is an oasis for all you angry and opinionated viewers, who would like to share your negative insight on a positively blinded world. In other words this is a site for us to freely gossip, bad mouth, complain, and basically HATE on some folk like we all really really want too....Beware, the shade might be my topic..

Now Pay It.