Friday, July 18, 2008

Late Boots

I'm a born and raised New Yorker, and I have observed a lot of on going issues involving this city. Outside of the disreguardable trash in the streets and the once in every two day police shooting. There is something that blows mines to the top. WHY THE HELL ARE THESE TRAINS ALWAYS LATE?!?!? So ok we deal with the bumbs and no air conditioning, but why do we have to wait 30 mins to meet them on a late train? Honestly there should be a reinbersment of some sort. Yet there is a rise in the price of tolls. How many times has the MTA giving you a lateness pass to work or messed up your whole day? Maybe one day we will boycott and make a difference. The shade iz who can blame the people trying to leave bombs on the train? We are all tired. But it is what it is (bad grammar) Now Pay It.


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BlackRabbit said...

Hey ^^ ~ I might live in a small town and not really care about trains arriving late, but hell yeah I could only imagine how freakin' annoying that must be every single day O.o" ~ I hope they do something about it, 'cause they can't expect people to wait for half an hour if they come at the right time :/