Friday, July 25, 2008


I Love This Woman!! So we definitely have to get her to visit the site! Many black women come across very angry, tempermental, aggrevated, ghetto, whatever the word maybe. Especailly when something they don't like is presented. Althought some have the right to feel this way, they often leave an impression of arrogance. Now there is one out of the bunch that I have to say, she does it with a good level of class. Wendy Williams asks the right questions and usually gets it "poppin" when needed. Yea I know some people feel like she says too much or may go to far, but that who she is and to be honest you know you listen to everything she says. As offensive as the crowd may say she is, homegirl is blowing up the tv and radio network. I feel such a connection with this broadcast queen, she airs out all the celeb's dirt clothes publicly because we are to scared and do it in the dark. She is bringing a level of humility to the world. People are definitely getting suck in this perfect world created by the entertainment industry. What makes these people human? The stuff that we don't know about! The issues, freakiness, sex explorations, secret lives....etc. She lets it out lol. The shade iz wendy...What's the 411 on you ma...born a man or woman? But anyway wendy had a recent show with a very disrespectful female guest. An example of exactly how two black women can be totally different in their presentations. Wendy held her class, but you be the judge. I love her movement....stay tuned I'm sure ill get intouch with her...until then..heeeeeey Wendy!



Anonymous said...

[lol]..I love the show. To be honest I dont care for her on radio..but the show is def a must stay!! How you doing!!..[lol]

INCROWD said...

ughhh i used to hate wendy but this shit with Omar(rosa) is funny. I havent gotten the chance to watch wendy's show but from these clips it looks like it could be a kiki