Thursday, February 26, 2009

Best Album

I dont care what anyone says, Brandy's new album Human is soooooooooo dope. especially all the songs that didnt make the album. Please get on this if you havent already.

Unlimited Everything Phone Service!!!!!

Have you guys heard about the Metro PCS Plan? With plans as low as 30 dollars a month they are offering services that feature unlimited talk, text, and basically unlimited everything.

Now I find this hard to believe but a black president wasn't the easiest thought to grasp a few months ago either. The phones don't look as good as your latest IPhone and G1 but hey price is always better in my book. Especially during such rough economic times.

check out all the hoop laa at

Feel alrite!

I would love to take a trip to Negril Jamaica. Its so beautiful and far from the hustle and bustle of NYC. when i get my ticket ill let you guys know the prices and we will get it poppin.

Ladies and Gents: the Beautiful Charlize Theron

Although beauty seems to come before anything else now a days I respect Ms. Theron for her wonderful Looks over so many years of acting. She is a extremely talented actress starring in my favorite movie of all times "the Devils Advocate". Also leading role in hot action movie "Aeon Flux" she shows of her flexability and slim figure never leaving you full of boredem.

can wait to see more of her.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Baggy hood vs fitted trend?

we all remember the stage where all guys needed baggy jeans and tims to secure the fact that they had swag and style. that is no longer a guideline in the male realm of dress and appearance.

everyone has their preference on clothing and style. which do you prefer?

baggy or fitted? or both:

My My My has men's wear changed. . .

Men with Fashion Statments!

Many would say the new chic way of dress for men is a little...."GAY".
but many men would disagree.

Alot of women get the credit for wearing nice clothes over their well fit bodies and covered with many dope accessories.
Well why must the men walk next to these lovely figures of fashion looking a mess. especially the guys with worked out bodies and great fashion sense.

even thought alot of the outfits are extreme and come off very feminine, this is definitely the next wave into the future of fashion.

You dont HAVE to get with it, but why not? change is always welcome in my life. why? because its something we cant provent.

S Magazine shots i love!

Grandpa can be a fashionisto too!

Kanye West Rocks!!!!

His music, fashion, and presence. i have seen a total change in Kanye and i think its all for the better. he has graced the covers of uncountable magazine and his fashion stsatments cant be denied as extremely fresh and strong.

be sure to catch his storytellers show on vh1 Feb 28th!!! photos:

hit up his Website its pretty cool as well:

M. Night Shyamalan! i love his work

but not too many people are into his stuff. He did movies such as the Sixth Sense, Lady in the Water, The Village, The Happening, and soo on. there is always a funky message in the mist of his movies but i think you need a very open mind to appreciate where he is coming from.

looooooool Mario game over lol

whitney houston?

she looked quite the opposite of a crack head at the grammys!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Scarfs so many!!!!!

I would have never thought these scarves would become this popular. You can definitely find them on your nearest person walking down the street trying to make a cool and trendy fashion statement. They started out as a cultural symbol now they are on the shelves of even Levis stores. "smh" i wonder whats next for our fast pasted fashion market? ? ?

I must admit they are pretty cool if you have the right one with the right look.