Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something that Inspired Me

Amazing how images can "LIFT" your spirits and ignite your
creative flame.

Ummmm.... Kome on Kim...

I think Kim is hilarious and out of control. In spite of all of that
she is still a person and deserves respect.

I think she can do waaay better than Big Poppa!
How dare you stay married and stay with me for so long and then
propose to me... humm how about hell no.

If you treat your wife like this why would I marry you. lol like Kome On...

Anyway I know how some women are they get strong for a lil while when
the man is gone but after awhile they fall back into their arms..
Especially when there is alot of money involved ( Kim = Gold Digger)

Best wishes Kim!!! let him GOO!!

Stand Alone

There is a point in life we all reach where we must focus.
Its cool to hang with friends and paint the town red
when you can, but when is there time for Progress.

My points of view are all based on reaching a successful
level of stability in life now. I cant really deal with the immaturity's
and unnecessary drama that comes alone with some friends.
That's just not me so I cut a few people off. Whether you take it personally
or not i had to let you go for me.

I have a strong spirit and a strong sense of determination. Regardless of who is with me or who supports me or whatever I will continue to move forward.
Those who are mad about me moving on and reaching for better,
you should be more like me and get your life together.

Be Blessed...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

SUPER FLY!!!!!!!!!

I Love this Movie
watched it over and over as a child

Please get into it and the awesome voice that is Curtis Mayfield!!

On My Way (New Still Life Shots)

I am use to shooting with models and artists. Well to sum it up im use to
shooting people.

I love pictures of life and our everyday surroundings
but i have never really taken out the time
to work on my still life photography

So my friends uncle took us to this really cool park and I
figured id get some cool shots.

they are pretty cool, but only a tease of whats to come when i set up
actual shoots for my still life portfolio.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Only 300?

This movie was simply and totally amazing.

Nuff said.

Im A JERK???

Wat will they come up wit next lol

Gotta admit this dance is pretty catchy huh

i went to a teenage birthday party and every last kid in there was jerking
if you dont know how to jerk here goes some lessons
its popin lol

Monday, October 5, 2009

Gettin Into A Fall Look

Photo shots and Styling by Theodore Urban

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fame 09 vs Fame 80

Fame = Go See It


I have been waiting for his return.
So many people hate on him and his style
but you cant deny this guy is extremely talented and
his music makes you wanna move!!!

(By the way I got that new " I Am TPain App on my IPhone
and it is so CRAZY!!!! I love how it really makes you sound like TPain's
auto tuned sounds. If you have an IPhone just download that app
its worth it!)

His new song " Take Your Shirt Off "