Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stand Alone

There is a point in life we all reach where we must focus.
Its cool to hang with friends and paint the town red
when you can, but when is there time for Progress.

My points of view are all based on reaching a successful
level of stability in life now. I cant really deal with the immaturity's
and unnecessary drama that comes alone with some friends.
That's just not me so I cut a few people off. Whether you take it personally
or not i had to let you go for me.

I have a strong spirit and a strong sense of determination. Regardless of who is with me or who supports me or whatever I will continue to move forward.
Those who are mad about me moving on and reaching for better,
you should be more like me and get your life together.

Be Blessed...


Theodore said...

Nothing but the truth, sometimes "Friends" can prove to be the total opposite of the meaning, so move on and let go, but move to better things

نوح said...

one thing that was said to me was...
"when you reach a certain place spiritually (Even mentally)... that place where you max out of your current body... you have to throw out old"--

0ld clothes you cant fit??-Gotta go! You have to rid of books you dont read, and things you dont do anymore...and unfortunately.. people who just dont seem to mush anymore...

the only thing constant is change. Im inspired by your courage!!
Keep going!!
=) Noah.