Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stoic Audacity Is coming Soon!!!

Everything takes its time and has its time! Stoic Audacity was once just a thought of the mind but is quickly becoming a reality to most that would have never expected it.

At the moment the magazine is recruiting members for its promotion team and writers for the up and coming blog page. All that are interested will be encouraged to contact the company through email. ( ).

be ready everyone this is going to be something different and its coming hard!

check out some of the work on the myspace page:


Sing Dave!!!!

Mr. Dave Hollister has returned to the ears of his fan with a new gospel album! it is wonderful, he is showing such great vocal richness. also a sense of more maturity as well as sincerity.

with tracks that reflect a very youthful and urban vibe he is definitely reaching out to the masses, letting them know that God is the greatest power!

i love this guy and his music is wonderful! lets support you wont be disappointed


A Star's Dim Light

We all go through extreme difficulties in life but none as tragic as losing your mother, brother, and nephew at the same time. Jenifer Hudson came on the scene with great presence and ambition. Her voice and acting skills showed the world that she wasn't the usual performer without a soul or personality.

No one is absolutely sure what happened or who is to blame, but she definitely can count on the prayers of her fans and friends. surely God has a plan behind all of this. Out of every pain comes forth a healing and its through the lesson learned and the strength used to recover.

Jenifer will return and it will be greater than what we could imagine. my prayers to the family.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Modeling Very Well

My friend Zyaira Sha is doing her thing when it comes to modeling now a days! she has entered a modeling contest for V magazine and she is moving up quite fast. she has been feature on my magazine page. she is definitely going places. look out for her and support folks its worth it' youll need someone to do it for you one day!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Man With Many Talents!!!

So i met my best friend Theodore Urban about 2 years ago and he has yet to stop amazing me!

the list goes on and on:
clothes designer
graphic designer...etc....whew lol

but anyway he recently teamed up with myself to start a revolutionary photo magazine: Stoic Audacity!! (coming to shelves near you in 09')

he's been doing some photo shoots and here are some of the results....keep your eyes open for future works..he is a BEAST!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Ruben Hughes New York!

This up and coming designer has great taste and style. Keep a look out for his collection coming soon. I'm glad to be on board this company's team. Its gonna take the industry by storm!!!

He has just posted his update. New cardigans
check out his myspace page:

I love My Bestfriend!

we had so much fun that night. She can sing her behind off too. look out for her!!!!


We Need Need Jesus

This country doesn't need a bail out plan or another president with empty promises. Everyone need to get on their knees and pray that God will heal our hearts and our country. He is the only one who can do it at this point. Pray folks Pray.


Friday, October 3, 2008

My World!

You can say what you want, but Tyra Banks is taking this world by force! She has exceeded all the boundaries of modeling and fashion!

Her shows are best rated throughout the world. Plus you have to admit she look miraculous!!!! She has claimed to be out of the modeling game but her pictures are getting better and better!

I Love You Tyyyyyra!!!!!


3 Terms?

Michael Bloomberg is trying to be mayor one too many times lol! He is running for his THIRD term!! The funny part about it is, he may do it. I cant say much because he has done a kool job being Mayor.

Crime rates has balanced out a little better than 8 years ago. Even though police are shooting people down left and right now it is better than before and i would blame BUSH for that anyway lol. Anyway Bloomberg do your thing.

A Legendary Voice!

I'm huge John Legend Fan! His voice is amazing and he is very consistent! His new song Green light is a sure hit featuring the Exciting Andre 3000! He also has a certain style about himself..never seen this guy have a bad day! John your not an Ordinary Person!


Stoic Audacity Remembers!

Stoic Audacity is doing a memorial and appreciation layout of all the great women we love. From the past, present, maybe even future icons to be.

The categories ranges from Television to family and friends! If anyone has a great women they would like to see in the Magazine layout please feel free to contact us and submit your photo!

Women are extremely important beings and we want to show our appreciate towards them. Its gona be great!!!!!!

Contact us via email:


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Use To Be Sooo Scared!!!

these are some of the faces that made me wake up screamimg MOMMY at night lol!!!
Remember these guys? Even thought most were scared of them they still had sold out movies for years. All the way up until today these are some of the most respected horror characters to ever grace the silver screen. ok now im over it tho...