Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Star's Dim Light

We all go through extreme difficulties in life but none as tragic as losing your mother, brother, and nephew at the same time. Jenifer Hudson came on the scene with great presence and ambition. Her voice and acting skills showed the world that she wasn't the usual performer without a soul or personality.

No one is absolutely sure what happened or who is to blame, but she definitely can count on the prayers of her fans and friends. surely God has a plan behind all of this. Out of every pain comes forth a healing and its through the lesson learned and the strength used to recover.

Jenifer will return and it will be greater than what we could imagine. my prayers to the family.



INCROWD said...

There's always a plan and God is surely going to bless Ms. Hudson. She is def in our prayers. She is a beautiful soul and she performs with such passion. J.Hud there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Btw that's a beautiful pic of her

نوح - The Beast said...

"I am changing"....

Makes me cry.