Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lost Rose

so wat happen you guys?

I thought these two jst got together

now they are no more huh...

well thats how it is out here

one day ur in

the next ur not

but obviously these 2 have

amaging futures before them.

lets keep a good lok out

i hear kanye is designing a sneaker line with LV

how bout that.

Stay In Skool Kids

She Can Back It Up.

is it me or is B dancing pretty well now adays.


I hade a pair of Scullcandy headphones and they were my world. As you guys may know these are very expensive headphones and very good quality. So so very nice person decided to steal them from me and now im use the knock offs from Best Buy "Jellies" lol.

Dont get me wrong they do the job just as good, but im pretty heated over lossing 30 dollars and my favorite ear pieces. If you dont have good headphones your not listening to good music...believe me.

Make an investment and try out some Scullcandies. But i warn you...they are quite popular it seems so keep a close eye on em...and enjoy..

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Her unique mellow tunes intrigue me.
something my ipod interesting music thats not
drowned in auto-tune.

take a listen...if you like...go download LYKKE LI

Lust 4 Life


check out my fav Drake song right now

Jam Wit Me...

Not Equal At All Huh??

So our Government has saw fit to let the law remain as it stands: filled with discrimination and hate. If you have never actually sat and spoke with a homosexual honesty you wont know the first thing about it. No one would just want to be gay. Why? because "GAY" is one of the most hated categories in the world. Truthfully too many people are ending their lives because of the way they are treated for being gay. Being Gay is not a choice its a Birth Right a Birth Trait even. Just like i hate chocolate, not by choice but because its just nasty on my tongue lol. A man can one day look at another man a see happiness, peace, joy, and forever. Same for women.

So my question is: As hard as it is to live in this uncompromising world as it is...Why take away someones inner self and future happiness because of their sexual preference? Who cares who you marry? Will you be in their bedroom every night? Are you interested in them? And who gave you the right to say who marries who?

As i grow up and come to more understandings of my country i start to realize i have been lied to sooo much about the foundation it was built on. The land of the free huh? A black man can even sit on his front steps without being gun down by his own Police Officers, Two women can find happiness in each other and spend their lives together, our own President Bush left us empty and moneyless without reason or explanation.

Im over this country and its devious ways. at this point we need Jesus (seriously) He is the only one that can fix what (MAN) has destroyed....smh


Had a photoshoot wit
my homegal Tig
a few weeks ago
check out some of the shots!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Some New Shots Of Me!!!

Awesome Photography by Theodore Urban
(editing done by yours truly)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oscar De La Renta You Slay Me!

Im not into womens shoes but these made my day

Sunday's Best (last episode)

On Sunday we will have a new winner on BET's hit show Sundays Best!
The two contestants left are Jessica Reedy & Y'anna Crawley!

(Jessica Reedy)

(Y'anna Crawley)

Honestly I'm totally rooting for Jessica Reedy. Her sassy tone and jazzy vocal personality is everything I need. Plus she is Beautiful.

So tune in to view the winnings and vote if you can.

Check out some of their footage from the show:
Jessica Reedy singing " I'm Still Here"

Y'anna Crawley singing "Heaven"

Im The Bomb

Learning to love yourself is much better than just loving your self. (i think)

I appreciate the "me" things now because i m realizing there is only one "me" and thats how it will always be.

Get into Loving You