Monday, December 29, 2008

Head Over Heels Photography!


Parasuco Jeans use to be the thing in the hood when I was younger. I am sure a lot of guys my age can relate. It was trendy and different for our time as pre-teens.

I would have never thought this brand would come up and look great TODAY!!!!


Dont get me wrong I have absolutely no comment on the person and lifestyle of our president Bush!

This is a collage of soldiers who have lost their lives due to this mystery war we are involved in.

The first comment I heard when I saw this picture was:


Black Hope

Our young black men can look forward to this:

and stop relating to this:

She is Getting Better. 3 Cheers for Ms. Beyonce!

60's Schooling

I'm such a 60's fashion geek. I'm in love with the styles and ora of the whole era.

So I wondered how the college kids dressed at that time. Usually fasion is a hip trendy concept amongst the younger generation of society. I definitely wanted to see what these kids were doing back then.

Check out the guys were stylin and profylin lol

A Man's Ride!

When I was younger I always wanted a Hummer! its huge and confident but classy and exclusive. Also because I figured I would be over six feet tall so I realized I couldn't get anything smaller.

My favorite thing to ride the street in.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best Family Ever

If you dont watch family guy you suck...

Stoic Audacity

Photography by Theodore Urban.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who would have ever thought?

I never expected to see the day that the United States would elect a black president. Well folks, I have seen the day and I'm living in it! I haven't really come to terms with it yet because he isn't really president until next month but still "wooooooooooooow"

God Is Good. Think about it if something of this magnitude can happen, what else is in store for people who have been held back for so long. Black people have endured a lot in the past (not saying everyone hasn't) and it could be our time to be blessed.

I take this as an open door to new and unfamiliar possiblities. Obama believes in hope, faith, and change. Now he is America's First Black President. Tell me what you believe in.


Thanx for Reading! I Love You Guys!!!!

Hope this holiday season is full of hope love and faith!

my favorite 80's movie

old time favorites!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She's A Riot!

Ms. Carol Burnett was sure a class act. (no she isn't dead lol)
As soon as you bring up some one from the past everybody starts asking "oh my God, she dead? lol.

Anyway, I have been seeing many documentaries on her and her work lately. It brought back many memories of great women of television. The "I Love Lucy" show, "bewitched", All in the Family", and so on. what happened to that T.V.?

Google her, you get so many laughs I promise.
Carol we love ya!


It really doesn't feel like Christmas. Yea I know we can keep up the good cheer and smile our ways through this terrible time, but it ain't easy.

You have to admit, with the economy failing and an upside down looking glass into the future there isn't much to be cheerful about no a days.

I remember Christmas being family driven and waiting for day break to open up dem gifts lol.

But no you hear more and more children saying "there is no Santa Clause" and in my day that was enough to make a child cry. but think about it, what would you do if Santa really came down your chimney? Speaking for myself growing up in a black home, my mother said "if anybody come in here that ain't me, get the gun and blow they face off " lol.

so kudos on letting the kids in on the joke, but will Christmas ever get its spirit back?

My New Pix! Im is Happy lol

So my best friend just got a new camera and we cant get ourselves together lol.

We have taken uncountable numbers of pictures and i must say they are amazing.

Take a look at whats going on and potential for the future!

Antonin Tron!

cool stuff:

My friend Marz put me on to this guy! Keep a look out for our young Fashion forward Gentleman, they have a great eye for style. thanx: "Marz"

Remember Greek Mythology?

I was always intrigued by the concepts and theories of Greek mythology. All the power that was mixed into the stories and the morals behind them.

My favorite Mythological creature of all times is Medusa. dont ask me why lol. she just had unbeatable power. even after her death she was still needed to destroy numerous creatures and foes.

Dope stuff.

Beautiful Photography!

I'm A Sucker For It!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cadillac Records!

Go See It!!!!

A Good Smelling Man

New Gucci by Gucci "Pour Homme" smells soooooo good!!!!!

So if you cant find the right gift for your special guy, look into it.


H & M: Cheap or Chic?

What do you think? Does H&M merchandise look better than the prices? they are pretty cheap but have pretty great style.

Talk about looking good on a budget...well not really the guys, but yall gals are doing it up.

Tell me what yall think!

check it out at: