Monday, December 8, 2008


I have always heard "the darkest hour is just before the day". Meaning you must experience the worst before you receive the best!

Dealing with this economical disaster can bring someone to their knees emotionally, mentally and physically!

I've lost a lot in the past few weeks, and it has put a hold on my goal exploration. Although it seems as though I should throw in the towel and quit. I have something on the inside that won't let me.

And most of us have it and its called ?. Nobody really knows what it is but we are greatful for it.

In a time like this we all must stay posistive and focused. What better place to start growing up than at the bottom.

Sorry for the long pause on this here blog page, but everything is up and running again.

Support is the key people. We can all make it if we keep support in mind.

I have seen my darkest hour and I'm looking at the dawning of my new day. Love yall!


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نوح said...

I needed to read that.