Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It really doesn't feel like Christmas. Yea I know we can keep up the good cheer and smile our ways through this terrible time, but it ain't easy.

You have to admit, with the economy failing and an upside down looking glass into the future there isn't much to be cheerful about no a days.

I remember Christmas being family driven and waiting for day break to open up dem gifts lol.

But no you hear more and more children saying "there is no Santa Clause" and in my day that was enough to make a child cry. but think about it, what would you do if Santa really came down your chimney? Speaking for myself growing up in a black home, my mother said "if anybody come in here that ain't me, get the gun and blow they face off " lol.

so kudos on letting the kids in on the joke, but will Christmas ever get its spirit back?

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I Love Xmas! I thin this year is going to be the best one in years..