Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lisa Knowles

So i heard this video about 2 weeks ago and i cant stop tellin everyone about this gal.

Her vocal ability is amazing and her creativity is to be compare to the excellent Kim Burrell.

Many people may not care for the soulful antics of gospel music. The riffing and powerful notes but hey I love it.

Tell me what yall think of her.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Days R Here Again

New York has such a beautiful glow since this great weather flew our way!!!!!

I'm excited about it too!! It was raining and 30 degrees about a week ago, now its 90 hot outside!

So its time to grab the shorts, tank, bottled water, and trendy shades to pump the streets of the BIG APPLE!!!

well the weather man said its gona rain alil more but we will take care of him and his lies lol

Enjoy this beautiful weather New York (and the rest of yall out there in the world)

I Call You Friend


He is always there when i need him and i wouldnt trade him for the world!!!

Ugh lotto

so my grandmother and many others in my family (as well as friends) play lotto!!!

I cant understand why. Like if u haven't won yet you have definitely put enuff money into it to be richer than you were before.

I tried to talk her out of it (grandma) and she totally cursed me out lol. Like boy mind yo damn bizzness lol. but i still think she should save that money or give it to me lol.

if she does win i wonder where we traveling too...hummmm (thoughts of Amsterdam)

no no no i will not contribute to the gambling disease lol.

Drew Vision

So I have recently had the opportunity to shoot one of my good friends Mr Drew Vision himself.

It was so easy shooting him because of his effortless capability to look great in front of the camera.

He's currently working on his debut album and his promising modeling career. here are some of the shots we got. tell me what u guys think!!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shooting the Photos!!!

Thank God for this good weather he has sent our way! I have been able to do a few photoshoots and work on some great pix.

Plus I have been able to do some shots for me too lol (model in the making? umm prolly not lol)

But im excited about the new era of my life, working hard on My photography and magazine. Also taking time out to work on me and my happiness. The best thing you can achieve in this life is a sincere level of self sufficiency and satisfaction.

But check out the flix and tell me how you feel!!

Ray J's Love??

So this is the young lady he chose out of the bunch.......(ugh)

But to each his own. Honestly I would have went with what his mother and father said, NONE!!!!

Unique seemed a bit underhanded. Not very trust worthy and maybe to overbearing for Ray.

And lets not even touch the topic of D A N G E R!!!! he will definitely be in her presence more than the one he chose.

Sunday's Best 4 Real

This gal can sing!!! I'm loving her tone and flow. I'm actually happy to here fresh new voices coming back to the gospel scene. The secular world has been on the rise lately and us gospel lovers need reviving.

I haven't been following Sunday's Best this year but a good friend of mine put me on to this young lady by the name of Jessica.

Also hype to see MaryMary back on the scene doing their thing too with the awesome Kierra Sheard!!!( she rocks ) check out their video: "God In Me" & Kierra's new hit song "Wave Your Banner"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good For J LO

So I hear J Lo is pregnant(again) and about to start working on a new movie. This is actually a good thing. I love her as an actress and i love her not singing lol. Thats right go head get the family life going, work on as many movies and shows as you can but please please please no more music please.

The movie is called The Back Up Plan, scheduled to hit theaters in 2010.
she also looks great doesnt she!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jayms Madison Shoot

Had another photo shoot with the marvelous Jayms Madison. Still working on editing the sets but this is one of the pix, my personal favorite lol.

She is so awesome to work with and big things are coming her way stay tuned for the rest of the shots!!!

Amazing Buildings

A Lion Never Forgets

This is amazing. To be able to even be in the presence of such a powerful animal is a wonder in its self but to be in a position to raise it and return it to the wild is beautiful.

Once they returned him to the wild they left and returned to find him enormous and still in great standings with them. Not your everyday pet interaction lol. But this is wonderful the world is such an unpredictable place and full of love from one species to another.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

NYC Loves Ms. Put A Ring On It!!

One of my close friends hit me up extra hype because he met Beyonce at his job last night. Im so happy she finds it fitting to live in MY City lol. She currently resides at the Warner Towers in Colubus Circle i believe.

She was spotted dining in the west village last night with HipHop Icon Husband JAY-Z.

So maybe if you spend more time on the streets of the city that never sleeps you will run into the greatest perfomer of our time and her husband (no shade to Jay lol).

Not to mention she is looking more and more stunning as time goes by. i love her


I have always wanted to travel over seas but honestly i hate planes. But anyway lol, my bestfriend left for a week to sing in Italy and i wanted to post about it. Italy is such a beautiful place. Growing up in NYC and having visited family in the south, it gets pretty boring after awhile. I definitely need to travel somewhere mind blowing.

Sad enough to say, Italy recently experienced 2 earthquakes last week. So lets keep them in prayer and my bestfriend and his travel partners.

if anyone wants to sponser my trip to Europe please let me know lmao.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Learning Life

Just wanted to take out sometime to talk about me! Now at the age of 23 i see life in a totally different light. Not the little kid that was always taken care of anymore...Life is pretty tough when your older but its an awesome experience. Life teaches us so many things even if we have to learn them the hard way.

I have realized more now than ever that GOD is truly and honestly real. Not gonna say much on that but if you havent already, try him.

Currently working on some new music. I havent been on my grind like I should be with my singing and writing. Its so easy to get caught up in life and situations going on around you that you lose focus on your focus. But yea im finally singing and writing again so keep a look out for me you guys!!!!

On another note, i have become obsessively in love with Photography and Photoshop lol. I have birth so many amazing creations on that photoshop demon that i cant take myself seriously. but its extremely fun and addictive. Saying all that to remind you guys about Stoic Audacity Magazine!!! Created by myself and Theodore Urban (
We are taking the main stage soon please be ready and apart of the movement. we need yall to support.
check out the myspace page:

Otherwise all of that im basically exploring this life and expanding my knowledge of being. Praying God would keep his hand over me and my future, my pray is the same for all of you.

Another Ones BITES the Dust

So Tpain was in a Golf cart accident last month that resulted in him losing 4 of his teeth..

ummm i kinda have nuthing else to say about this....smh...

Old Cyrus Boo!!

Miley Cyrus has become the teenage icon of the world somehow. Teenage being the main subject here, she is 15 dating a 20 year old.

The craziest part is, her father introduced them lol. He is young model Justin Gaston. He was just featured in Vman magazine for his role as wonderful Mr Miley!

He says he looks up to her and she inspires him. they attend church together and things of that sort. they seem kinda weird together in my eyes but hey, what do i

U Made NO sense.

So we have all heard the drama about Keri Hilson coming at Beyonce and Ciara in her remix to hit song "Turning Me Off". Here is her explaination behind it. I dont know what she is talkin about..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

G2 Up - Sidekick Down

I have had every sidekick so far since 2003. i currently have the sidekick LX, and its about that time for an upgrade. You know...something new. Well i have witnessed the G2 and i am totally in love and SOLD. Im gettin this phone as soooon as it drops its crazy.

Unpredictable song but cool as hell

Good Movie: KNOWING

The Chat Site With Little Chat. is cool i guess. you get caught up in writing randomness before your realize a little too late that your not really talking to many people but No but its cool. If your have time on your hands to get caught up in a bunch of nothing and other peoples nothing then this is the place for

hit me up lol: