Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good For J LO

So I hear J Lo is pregnant(again) and about to start working on a new movie. This is actually a good thing. I love her as an actress and i love her not singing lol. Thats right go head get the family life going, work on as many movies and shows as you can but please please please no more music please.

The movie is called The Back Up Plan, scheduled to hit theaters in 2010.
she also looks great doesnt she!!!!


Defiled87 said...

Why do I feel she fell off? She is old news I feel almost...I am not being fresh. I just don't know what happened.

Theodore said...

I am rooting for J.Lo to get back in the limelight...she was on goodmorning america this morning i believe lets see what comes of that

Napolian said...

yea she did kinda fall off but im sure everyone wouldnt mind seeing more of her she is wonderful in her own right.