Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shia LaBeouf almost in jail

Shia was involved in a car accident around July, and the driver of the other vehicle acussed him of being the cause of the wreck implying Shia was intoxicated. Once trialed and questioned the other guy admitted to changing up his story abit...lolo...so happy Shia is a free actor once again....

bad little wreck tho.....

Clay is Gay!

So what! I mean who can judge the guy. Life is something that you must live on your own at the end of the day. At least he ain't living the lie that most of our "straight" celebs are living.
A lot of his fans and listeners are shocked and upset about his coming out. My 2 cents are: if his sexuality wasn't what made him famous then don't come at the guy.
Its cool Clay, your music will still live on...

Happy Birthday Ipod!!!!!!!! I Love YOU!!!!!!!!

The Ipod turned 6 years old on the 23rd!!! I dont know about anyone else but I would be losted without my ipod lol. SOOOOOOOO HAPPY BDAY BABES YOUR TE BEST AND YOUR TRUELY LOVED.

Shout out to the inventors of the ipod down at Apple: Jon Rubinstein , Tony Fadell, and Michael Dhuey(part of the invention team).

Old Cereal

Remember these we see nomore of:

A Classic Beating

This is a clip from "Whats Love Got To Do With It". A movie most grew up watching...not to say that Tina didnt go thru alot but this is surely one of the funniest ovies I have ever seen...i think lawrence fishburne is great as well..

The Sky is the Limit

lately i have been taking out the time to appreciate this beautiful world we live in. I noticed that the sky has been doing its thing lol. the sky always has a certain look about it an without any of our control it does just fine being beautiful.

take a look on your own sometimes...admire where you live EARTH


Does Obama Love Jesus?

So there have been accusations on Obama saying that he may the Anti-christ! for those who dont know that would be the person that would beging all hell on earth, the sign ofthe rapure and big problems for this world. i read about it..take a look:

"Obama 'Frightens Me'. The Bible has warned us that 'A man will come from the East that will be charismatic in nature and have proposed solutions for all our problems and his rhetoric will attract many supporters!'

When will our pathetic Nation quit turning their back on God and understand that this man is 'A Muslim'....First, Last and always....and we are AT WAR with the Muslim Nation, whether our bleeding-heart, secular, Liberal friends believe it or not. This man fits every description from the Bible of the 'Anti-Christ'!"

If he is all we can do is all we can do is pray people. this country needs that no matter who Obama is.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Process of Hurt.

Now adays not one person can be trusted. Funny how people live day to day trying to make life just a little easier but totally disregard respect, loyalty, moral, love, and another persons feelings. Hurt is something that everyone deals with now and then. Something you never forget it.

The real question is what do you do once you've been hurt? Can you handle getting back up and trying again? Are you prepared to go through the whole ordeal again?

Its the worst when your hurt by someone you think the world of. Makes you re-evaluate yourself and your ways of choice. It compels you to resist the very thing that urges you. When normal becomes unbelievable and the mystery becomes the answer, does truth really exist anymore. How many times must a man kill before he is called a murderer?

The thing we live for is the thing that keeps us going...if you don't know what it is, you may end up chasing the wrong thing. Now you must find your way back, to start chasing all over again.

The process of hurt.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

I believe it!

I love T-Pain. he is quite creative, unlike most of these so called artist out here. this song is kool and the video is interesting...i love it

LMAO!!!!!! haaaaa haaa ha!

this has happened to me though!

Palin is a Pain!

This lady came out of nowhere with so much confusion and chaos! How can we ever become a united country when people like this are running as vice president?
Now don't get me wrong I'm not prejudging her because I simply don't know her. Yet you have to admit there are so many stories and allegations going on right now. Honestly, Obama hasn't rubbed me the wrong way yet. He is quite confident in his tactics and he isnt about all that drama thats America needs that today..

Some are saying she is too sexy to be the vice, and her daughters pregnancy issue...don't get me started...
ugh Ms. Sarah Palin...I'm soooo over you tho lol


Please Register To Vote!!!!!!


From the Author...

So guys i never really get on here and talk about ME! lol I have been working on a few things lately. Networking with a few people and getting some career goals started.

This blog page is kinda like my little corner to give option on this extra ordinary world we live in, but i do have my own little things going on.

Currently I'm working on publishing a Revolutionary photography magazine. Its called Stoic Audacity, co owned by a great friend of mine Mr T.Urban! look out for it guys its going be great.

I'm also a singer and writer. Music and poetry are apart of me just like the blood in my veins. look out for and album/demo within the next years or so...the music is tough lol.

Recently one of my highly esteemed friends has ask me to be apart of a new upscale and formal clothing line. Working with this company will be a new experience for me, but nothing i wont enjoy. we have great plans for it look out for Mr. Ruben Hughes. he is O.D. crazy with it lol.

but yea folks I'm cooling it over here. its a hard world out there...but its time we made moves...

Stay tuned to my blog and other sites please!!!! all of this cant and wont be possible without your support guys...i love yall and if anyone need me for anything never be scared to ask....

Its been real lata. Napolian...

Stoic Audacity is coming soon!!!

Napolian Legacy & Theodore urban are working hard toward the premiere of their Revolutionary Photo Magazine, Stoic Audacity! (debut: 09').

It will feature the likes of fashion and the Moguls of the industry. Music, dance, and the way of life in that industry. Most of all the core and essence wonderful and maybe not so wonderful LIFE! With the traditional journalism and editorial vibe of every magazine, these future industry icons well change the game through unique material and passionate presentation.

(some photos inspired by fashion week)

checkout some of the work on their myspace pages:

myspace.com/vocalliblessed (Napolian)

myspace.com/2talented (T.Urban)

Stoic Audacity can be checked out on its myspace page as well. Myspace.com/stoicaudacity

Soon to come official page! be on the look out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Rebel with Religion!

Jay Bakker is showing no signs of backsliding against his beliefs in GOD. Even though many people have side comments about his appearance. Especially in a day this when even a black gets attacted for running for president!

With his many vibrant tattoos and edgy style of dress, Jay is the pastor of three churches across the country and he believes that you can come to God just the way you are. I'm down with that Pastor Bakker. This world needs to learn how to stop judging and start loving and then people will be able to see God for what he is...LOVE. Dont say you love God and then hate on what he has created...lol...i dont wana get to deep but, gooogle him he iscool....GOOOO JESUS!!!


This IS "ISIS"

The girls Gagged on Top Model when they realized that their greatest competition was born a MAN!!! YES there is a contestant that was born a guy! Napolian had the previledge of meeting this ever so confident transgender model earlier this year. it was definitely a pleasure. she has a wonderful character and is obviously "out" to win it big. ISIS is doing pretty well on the show and may be our NEXT TOP MODEL.....we shall see...GOOOOO ISIS break bounderies!