Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Does Obama Love Jesus?

So there have been accusations on Obama saying that he may the Anti-christ! for those who dont know that would be the person that would beging all hell on earth, the sign ofthe rapure and big problems for this world. i read about it..take a look:

"Obama 'Frightens Me'. The Bible has warned us that 'A man will come from the East that will be charismatic in nature and have proposed solutions for all our problems and his rhetoric will attract many supporters!'

When will our pathetic Nation quit turning their back on God and understand that this man is 'A Muslim'....First, Last and always....and we are AT WAR with the Muslim Nation, whether our bleeding-heart, secular, Liberal friends believe it or not. This man fits every description from the Bible of the 'Anti-Christ'!"

If he is all we can do is all we can do is pray people. this country needs that no matter who Obama is.


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