Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tom Ford, You Soo Craaazy ( NASTY) lol

ummmmm lol ok...
these Tom Ford Ads are a bit much but
i knew you guys wud get a kick out of seeing em
cuz yall minds are just as nasty as his and mine lol..

The Nerd In You!

I feel Like Nerd is in!!!

Tom Ford's New Movie: A SINGLE MAN

Sing Whitney!!


I went upstate to Oswego last weekend and i enjoyed myself for the most part!
Its a totally different place than what im use to, its the boondocks forreal forreal lol!

But its Beautiful and peaceful.
there was a beach made of pebbles, i was like wow never saw that before.

Spent some time on the beach chillin wit my besties and taking in the Great Lake
Ontario. Until i looked really close and realized that the pebble beach was infested with SPIDERS!!!!!

If you dont already know, now you know i HATE SPIDERS!!!
so i bounced lol.

Besides that i went to the lake for the sunset and it was amazing!

Breath taking even!

i had a pretty cool time.
Nuff said!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh Yea This ROX!!

Global Flagship Job!!!

Tommy Hilfiger has opened a new Global Flagship store
on fifth ave!!
Its huge and elegant. so many new pieces and a great store design!

Best part of it all he has a new employee an it is ME!!!

I have had the privilege to work for this company for about 2 months now and
most honorably I was apart of the original staff to open
the store!!!

that's a big achievement for me on top of having a nice lil convo with
Tommy himself yesterday!

Come by the store anytime and enjoy it for yourself.
fifth ave 53/54 st
see u there!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Change Has Come!!

Theodore Urban And myself have decided to make a few changes
in our plan for our team!
Just some minor changes but awesome ones at that!

We have been doing alot of work lately and preparing for
the next steps of our Imagery Business.

We have Dropped the former Title: Stoic Audacity
Renamed: "Clear-Life"
No explaination needed now lol you get all of that
in the wedsite bio!

Until then please be sure to look out for all the new work coming
your way and sites to be uploaded.

Welcome us back as: the Clear-Life Team!!!!!


I quite enjoy this song!

Beauitful Whitney

I cant say i love the way whitney sounds now compared to the past
but we all change with time. I still love her and this
video made that love grow!

She looks so beautiful and the quality of this video is

glad to have you back Whitney!!

Designer Nicholas K Prepares Me For Fall!!!