Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I went upstate to Oswego last weekend and i enjoyed myself for the most part!
Its a totally different place than what im use to, its the boondocks forreal forreal lol!

But its Beautiful and peaceful.
there was a beach made of pebbles, i was like wow never saw that before.

Spent some time on the beach chillin wit my besties and taking in the Great Lake
Ontario. Until i looked really close and realized that the pebble beach was infested with SPIDERS!!!!!

If you dont already know, now you know i HATE SPIDERS!!!
so i bounced lol.

Besides that i went to the lake for the sunset and it was amazing!

Breath taking even!

i had a pretty cool time.
Nuff said!


نوح said...

I need to go there...
I need a break from Langhorne PA

Napolian said...

I feel u. It felt so go to get out of NYC

Theodore said...

Its Such a beautiful place alot of times, and the air is even different