Monday, September 22, 2008

Process of Hurt.

Now adays not one person can be trusted. Funny how people live day to day trying to make life just a little easier but totally disregard respect, loyalty, moral, love, and another persons feelings. Hurt is something that everyone deals with now and then. Something you never forget it.

The real question is what do you do once you've been hurt? Can you handle getting back up and trying again? Are you prepared to go through the whole ordeal again?

Its the worst when your hurt by someone you think the world of. Makes you re-evaluate yourself and your ways of choice. It compels you to resist the very thing that urges you. When normal becomes unbelievable and the mystery becomes the answer, does truth really exist anymore. How many times must a man kill before he is called a murderer?

The thing we live for is the thing that keeps us going...if you don't know what it is, you may end up chasing the wrong thing. Now you must find your way back, to start chasing all over again.

The process of hurt.


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نوح - The Beast said...

=( please continue to blog.. for us ones that make stupid decisions sometime.arg