Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sunday's Best (last episode)

On Sunday we will have a new winner on BET's hit show Sundays Best!
The two contestants left are Jessica Reedy & Y'anna Crawley!

(Jessica Reedy)

(Y'anna Crawley)

Honestly I'm totally rooting for Jessica Reedy. Her sassy tone and jazzy vocal personality is everything I need. Plus she is Beautiful.

So tune in to view the winnings and vote if you can.

Check out some of their footage from the show:
Jessica Reedy singing " I'm Still Here"

Y'anna Crawley singing "Heaven"


نوح said...

I <3 them both. Would surely be satisfied if either of them win. Y'anna reminds me of my mom--like Idk.. Jessica is flyyy

Stephen said...

(spanish accent) Yesseeca Yeseeca Yeseeca!!!