Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ummmm.... Kome on Kim...

I think Kim is hilarious and out of control. In spite of all of that
she is still a person and deserves respect.

I think she can do waaay better than Big Poppa!
How dare you stay married and stay with me for so long and then
propose to me... humm how about hell no.

If you treat your wife like this why would I marry you. lol like Kome On...

Anyway I know how some women are they get strong for a lil while when
the man is gone but after awhile they fall back into their arms..
Especially when there is alot of money involved ( Kim = Gold Digger)

Best wishes Kim!!! let him GOO!!

1 comment:

Theodore said...

yea GOLD DIGGER and hoe! thas all she is oh and a "low donw Monkey with a wig on" as NeNe put it