Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chris and Rihanna

ok ok ok i had to post about this. i know everybody else is talking about it but hey i wana say a few things.

First off i think the media and fans go a little to hard on things like this. Yes they are both celebs but we need to learn how to give "People" their personal space. Even though they are in the public eye how fair is it that they cant have any privacy especially when it comes to their relationship.

now we all wana be famous wana be stars wana be in movies lol but we would hate to have cameras and news reporters in our bedrooms too. welll most of us.

the situation was unfortnate but these things happen. he made a mistake and maybe she did too. but lets not condemn them because of it. lets remember how supportive we were when everything was kool. what kinda of fan wud u call urself when times are ruff and you bounce on who you love in the inustry. you have bad times as well right?

this will blow over and a lesson will be learn. im praying for them

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