Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blame What On the Alcohol?

I like Jamie's new album its really cool. but thats not why im posting this lol.

maybe about a year ago i saw Mr. Fox at the Village Underground in NYC and he was accompanied by many people and someone in the group shared with me and some friends that Foxx was Bi sexual. this was kinda suprising to me but more shocking to hear that he was dating Tank!!!!!

to be honest that kinda made me walk away. cuz now a days u cant really believe everything you hear. those two men are great entertainers and i enjoy them. wounldnt want to run their names in the ground.

but i always say "you never know"

there have been alot of accusations though Jamie. whats the deal?

1 comment:

Theodore said...

lmao i bet...hes such a closet case