Friday, June 12, 2009

Hungry? Why Wait?

Who could resist a nice plate

of soul food!

some Mac & Cheese

Fried Chicken


Potato Salad

String Beans

and Collard Greens

Learn How To Cook lol


Theodore said...

The only reason why I would wait iss because I was broke and had to wait till I got home...lmao

LIZZY said...
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Napolian said...

lol exactly
now adays u got make ur own food

it cost an arm and a leg to eat out...RIP good economy

LIZZY said...

They say time heals all wounds but I guess not yours huh Dj I just wanted to talk for i'm not who I used to be and not that I was looking for u to get to know me again but I was expecting you to be more mature about situation and atleast hear me out damn all of ya'll shut me out honestly I just needed some closure I forgave myself because I know you never will and it sucks cause at one time we were friends but I wish you the best!