Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I first heard this beautiful woman's voice
at the Village Underground about 4 years
ago and i was totally blown away.

Her range is crazy, her tone is crazy, her jazz vibe
is craaaazzzy, and her spirit is crazy. I LOVE HER

I recently witnessed her in concert
in central park this past Sunday.
All i can say is AWESOME.

She has such a positive and true aura. Her music is genuine,
ratable, and touching
Take out the time to hear some GOOD sangin and music

check out www.Ledisi.com

Central Park


Theodore said...

ughhhhh total BEAST!!
she isnt as famous as she should be
this is a real artist!

نوح said...

She is beautiful.
My favorite songs are "In the Morning", "Alright", and "Take Time."