Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Im on a journey to pull out of me what should have been on the surface
from the beginning.
People have buried me and my emotions in a deep dark shell
with such a hard coating of judgment and dislike.
i started to think it was jealously, i have talents i have great qualities, i have insight
i have style, i have a voice, i have a RIGHT.
Couldnt understand why so many
people hated me and the person i am.

Today is a new day i have realized that most
people hate when someone is happy
being who they are.
the only reason i have been down for so long
is because i was waiting for the remarks
looking for the usual comments and laughs.

i knew i would be in a fight, i knew someone would crack a joke
i knew there would be tears in my eyes
and never took the time to stop worrying about
them and put the focus on ME.

Your true day of happiness and success starts when u let got of
PEOPLE and embrace YOU.

Noweverything looks bright and the paths is clear minus all the crowd

its funny really... all those "people" were actually my fans
and i've been on stage!

i think im finally over my stage fright.
curtains up, lights flash, here he is everyone:
Mr. Legacy!!


Theodore said...

Well I'm rooting for you! You have my support 127%

نوح said...

you betta work!!!

Im sitting in the front row..

نوح said...

Your true day of happiness and success starts when u let go of
PEOPLE and embrace YOU.