Monday, March 22, 2010


Sunken in my chest is a lonely bag of blood that once
was a pulsating vibe of love.
Smh, honestly dont know what happened or why i thought
love was the road for me again.
It was just another opportunity for djay to
be hurt again.
Its funny how someone can tell u the world is yours
as they lock u in an imaginary life and
bond you with lies.
Truly there are no hard feeling, i just have no feeling now.
Believe me thats worst.

What do I do know. I dont know.
I cant make anymore plans because all the ones
from the past have been burnt and demolished.

I wish i cud turn back the hands of time but then
again i dont because i might have to relive those
agonizing minutes, hours, days, years that
added to killin me in so many ways.

I want to move on but everyday gets alil more painful
and my heart a lil more distant.

I trust love NOT.
Everytime we hooked up it hurt me.
Now its killing me.

Is it bad to want to die? Its bound to happen anyway right...