Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Can't Do IT

I have come to a point where I can only
believe that trust is a fiction word.
Every relationship I have been in has ended
based on someone cheating or lying.

Every person i know that has been in a relationship has
giving me story after story about
how the person or persons they are with
have been cheating on them or they cheating on them.

So many men have babies outside of their marriages, women sneaking off with
guys that have more money than their right now guy.
Cheating because the one your with doesn't
satisfy you the way this other person does.

The list goes on and on, but I speak for the loyal person.
How many times can you look my in my eyes and hurt me
with your lies. Where is your heart, where is your consciences,
where is your compassion, where is your LOYALTY.

Its sad to walk this road because I can never give myself totally to anyone
knowing that 99 percent of the people that have
crossed this path has lost trust in my eyes.

They don't deserve love or respect or commitment, but at the same right
obviously I don't either. If i cant love you because of your lies, I can never be loved
because the wall called Trust its thicker than the borders of love.

I can only wait for TRUE LOVE to prevail. until then
I trust not because I can not......

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نوح said...

Same thing to say about LOVE.
Hope. (nvm-sounding off)

um. your facebook page... is non existent according to the link on your blogspot.