Friday, February 25, 2011


things that bother my soul..
i hate ghetto things..
i hate that people do ghetto things and know its ghetto..
i hate when people invite me to ghetto things and it makes me feel like im ghetto..
then the ghetto people at the ghetto function want to invite me to more ghetto events and i hate that too..
i hate that ghetto people dont support anything and complain about everything.
i hate that i know so many ghetto people and not enough not ghetto people..
i hate that ghetto people will read this and realize im talking about them and get mad because i called them out on being ghetto even though they really mad at they're selves for being ghetto and then its all this other stuff
i hate that all that takes my focus away from my music and career...
im bothered but not much...just a lil..

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