Thursday, May 6, 2010


Honestly I could careless how many kids or baby mamas
weezy has. Why? Because that aint my damn bizzness!

I hate how so many bloggers and just people in general get all up in a celebs ass
they cant live a normal life or an irregular life without
someone or everyone having something to say.

Half the people out here know that they got
siblings all over the place cuz their dad
was a lil ho too.

But in all seriousness there are so many other things that can be said
about him besides his many kids.
How about he is a wonderful artist that makes a statement
and he cant be replaced.

You prolly wont hear most people say that because all
they really know how to do is HATE!!!

But Weezy do your thing!

1 comment:

Theodore said...

Truth is he is a BEAST!!!!!