Sunday, November 22, 2009


Is it me or do women seem alot more independent now adays. Most stories I hear from my niggas about their relationships is how they girls do for themselves.
Buying them clothes and gifts. Not asking for anything, not even help with the bill.

Not to mention how many women are coming out of the closet. I didnt realize how many of my female friends were lesbian or bi. pretty intense lol.

My mom has always been an independent women but she always had
that soft spot for a guy that knew how to take charge and be a MAN.
But for some reason women have had to take on the role of The Dominator.

Is it because men are becoming more passive and submissive???

Just observing my

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Theodore said...

well i think RuPaul always looks crazy good in his pictures. but as for that sir up top...idk